Daily Archives: April 25, 2014

Thank you God

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Dear God, I just wanted to take this moment to say, thank you for giving me this day. I had clean clothes that I could wear and I heard from a friend who said they cared. There was water for me to bathe myself, and I have toothpaste and toilet paper upon the shelf. There was fresh food available whenever I needed and a comfortable place for me to be seated. A solid roof has been over my head and in the next room I have a wonderful bed. All my senses function and it’s been easy to breathe and I am grateful for this amazing grace in which I do believe. Dear God, I have it better than those who have no food, no home, no clothes and for these blessings and more I want to say, thank you God, for all I had this day!

Angel Messages – April 25, 2014

Little Angel

Your DAILY message from the Angels…


Love, Angels!

Yes Angels this is great, thank YOU!