Perspective it’s all about replacing one thought with another

More often than not, we find ourselves getting caught up in what we ‘think’ is going on and that can lead us to a variety of conclusions, some of which appeal to us and some that are certainly unappealing. While we may have no control over situations or circumstances, we DO have control over how we choose to look at something, for in reality our thoughts create our perspectives. A casual conversation I had with a friend years ago brought this to light when he looked at me and said, “It’s all about replacing one thought with another!” In that ah-ha moment my life changed for the better. Each and every entry of my book, PERSPECTIVE it’s all about replacing one thought with another is my perspective on something either intellectual or visual. I created this book because these words and pictures help me shift my perspective when I need it the most. Others tell me that this book helps them deal with stress, death, anger and frustration or simply puts a smile on their face when they open to any random page. This is NOT a how-to book, it is merely a silent companion that speak volumes by offering something to think about! Here is the DIRECT LINK for you to ORDER your copy and perhaps an extra copy or two for those you care about! Thank you.

2 responses to “Perspective it’s all about replacing one thought with another

  1. Shawn C. Foster

    THANK YOU! PERSPECTIVE it’s all about replacing one thought with another. God-willing perspective will help me deal with the stress, the death, the anger, the frustration and let me be the one that leaves them with something to think about.
    My Aunt passed away Oct. 4th, Our Kindle Launch was Oct. 5th. I’m in NC family in NYC wants to do all kinds of things but where were they when Auntie was alive. I’m driving to NY on Thursday for her Home Going Celebration. Every family has someone in it that nobody is speaking to, God help me with that!


    • Annette Rochelle Aben

      I am here for you, my sister. And I feel that by placing the focus on the JOY of your Auntie’s Home Going you will find the strength and support you need.


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