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you… meet YOU!


Why would you be so mean to yourself? To withhold much needed love. You’ve been kinder to a stranger on the street and thought nothing of the innocent gesture that lifted their spirits, of your smile that spoke to their soul. You’ve gone out of your way to bring light to the day of a stray by setting out the sly bowl of kibbles and bits but to be so kind to yourself, nay, you think not of this. Yes, this same individual so thoughtful and kind takes one look in the mirror only to find every flaw, every wart every wrinkle every scar and of course no one in their right mind would every praise the mess you are!  So you damn your life, your home your car and of course what with ‘that job’ you’ll never go far. It’s another fine mess being created my friend, to be lost in a world of ‘when will it end’!  Perhaps you do not feel the connection to all the joy, the happiness or the affection that you so willingly give so that others a better life may live. The reality is, this cannot be for what you have to give comes from inside of thee. Be not so hard you that person you are. You know, the one who is always told has a heart of gold and a smile that shines like a star. You ARE those moments, those blessings, those gifts; put on those shoes because you’ll find they fit! Carry out those good works with every act of kindness you do, for each time someone smiles back, they are reflecting YOU to YOU!

©2015 Annette Aben

Angel Messages – April 12, 2015

Aunt Jean Hoffman 2007 280

Your DAILY message from the Angels…


Love, Angels

Thank you Angels!