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Okay, the Ojanpera’s are knocking it out of the park this evening…  LOVE this Johnny and I am thrilled you posted it tonight. Also honored to write with you in the magazine. 



Please read, then read it again…

Thank  you Lisa for this splendid piece!

Take Nothing For Granted


For all the strength I had to get all I needed, done.  For all the times I never looked back but continued until the race was won. For all the knowledge I have still to know and for all the places I have yet to go. I offer my humble self in prostrate form as my way of saying I am grateful for all that is this life, and for the grace with which I am constantly being reborn!

© 2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

3-Day Quote Challenge


Merci to the best ape fiend I have (rrrr) I meant friend of course!  TSRA himself Christopher Graham who invited me to this mayhem known as the 3-Day Quote Challenge.


1.  Thank the person who brung ya

2.  Post your quote – which might be something you wrote to encourage, inspire or bring a smile to someone’s heart!

3.  Pass it on (translated, tag 3 who could knock this outta the park)

Here is my quote:

Charlie Chaplin Quotes About Life

and here are the 3 I wish to “tag” and if I didn’t so this correctly, I at least gave you something to think about and perhaps a grin!  xoxox  Annette

Alienora Browning, Ronovan and P.S. Bartlett

Angel Messages – June 10, 2015


Aunt Jean Hoffman 2007 280

Your DAILY msg. from the Angels…


Love, Angels

Received and accepted Angels, thank you!