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stone soup


If everyone offered the very least they could, we just might end up with the most wonderful results!

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About SHARE a Library of things!

About.  SHARE a library of things.  This is in an incredibly simple idea that allows for people to SHARE what the are not currently using such as a drill or a blender, as well as offering a gathering place for those with talents and skills to share with others in need.  Perhaps a great way for a retired teacher to offer tutoring or a business person to help someone get that resume together…  I will be looking deeper into this idea and I invite you to do the same.  A idea that can be replicated and in my opinion, should be everywhere!  Cheers

Angel Messages – June 25, 2015

Aunt Jean Hoffman 2007 280

Your DAILY msg. from the Angels…


Love, Angels

All the time Angels, thank YOU!!