Sneaking in a COVER REVEAL and an Appearance Announcement



In full celebration of the National Day on Writing,  (which is actually October 20th) please join myself and several other Westland, MI authors at the William P. Faust, Westland Public Library on Central City Parkway, in Westland, MI., Saturday, October 17th from 3-4pm. I will be in attendance, selling and autographing my books,

PerspectivePerspective, it’s all about replacing one thought with another




and Choose, the 2-step plan.

A Haiku Perspective

In addition, I will have the preview copy of my latest book  A Haiku Perspective which will be available for purchase before the end of October 2015.  Find my books at



I am sharing a table with another Westland, MI author who is no stranger to the world of cookbooks and has been a guest on several, local early morning television talk shows as well as a vendor at local farmer’s markets,


Chef Valerie Wilson! Also known as MacroVal to her fans and clients, she has two cookbooks available, Perceptions in Healthy Cooking and Healthy and Delicious Cooking, Spring Season which will be available for purchase that day.  Find all of Val’s information on her website,

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