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Proud Poppa Moment

The Folks 

I just love it when I can make my poppa’s day! 

After a friend emailed me that I had been published in The Detroit Free Press today, I called my step-mother in northern Michigan and suggested she call my father at work and have him buy a copy of the paper. He was happy to see his oldest child published in what some consider to be the largest newspaper in the state of Michigan.

It all started a while back actually. This same friend emailed me that said paper was having a Holiday Shopping Haiku contest. There was a prize involved and I imagined, the opportunity to be published in the paper. I wrote one, sent it in and never heard another thing from either the paper or my friend.

So, when I received the email this morning, I was a bit surprised.  Visiting the sight, I found that while I did not win the prize, mine was one of a handful (comparatively speaking) they chose from the 800 entries, to publish. Cool!

That’s right, 800 entries and considering the paper’s reach, all over the State, it never dawned on me how many people might be participating.  Young and old, from big cities and small towns, these folks have some talent and it is an honor to be included with this recognition.

They divided the haiku into 7 categories and mine in the Budgeting and Spending (ah yes, spending money is what my ex-husband I did best…  I did mention that he is an EX husband, right? nudge-nudge/wink-wink/say no more)

Here is the link to the article and I hope you enjoy what these Michigan authors have to offer in celebration of this holiday season!


holiday presence


A moment’s wonder

Tissue and ribbons flying

Behold treasured gift

Eyes that dance, sing out

The heart’s joy is felt by all

Words can scare express

Years from now, a glance

Bringing back the memories

Of Christmas kindness

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

Angel Messages – December 20, 2015


Your DAILY MESSAGE from the Angels…


We love you…

Thank you Angels, yes!!