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sand art


Be grateful for things

These little bits and pieces

They shall become you

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben


Personally Recommended Author Services and Promotion Sites

There is absolute truth to the statement that no man is an island. As much as there is truth to the statement that it takes a village… Thanks to Sally Cronin, for assembling this listing for us to know where the villages are and who are the members of our tribe!  Read on.

Source: Personally Recommended Author Services and Promotion Sites

To Those Who Could Use Some Peace

What a way to truly celebrate the talent of a fellow author, Russ Towne  who penned the lyrics to this homage to nature.  Please enjoy.


Source: To Those Who Could Use Some Peace

Mindful Monday HEALTHY LIVING – Mindful Walking

She’s walkin’ and talkin’ about walkin’.. Colleen Chesebro is helping us stay mindful of our health!  Keep Calm and go for a Walk, sounds like a plan, walk on over to her blog and check it out.

Source: Mindful Monday HEALTHY LIVING – Mindful Walking

Sally Cronin – Reading Recommendation Revisited

She holds the space for the creative community and fills it with love!  Learn more about the woman who continually provides the variety as the Smorgasbord… Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss. Sally Cronin

Source: Sally Cronin – Reading Recommendation Revisited