Writers Quote Wednesday


Decided to share this quote, not so much because of the person to whom it is attributed, moreover because of the person who shared it with me originally, my dad.  Cultivating an adult relationship with my dad has been a most rewarding experience, for while I am still his daughter (one of two girls and the first born of three children) I am also practically a senior citizen which allows us many opportunities to relate to each other on different levels of existence.

My dad is a voracious reader (always has been) and since I have become a published author, he treats me with the respect he does those whose works he has enjoyed for decades. I receive praise (come on, it’s my dad) right along with constructive suggestions as how to keep getting better (come on, it’s my dad, eh). Equally as amazing, he supports my career by not allowing me to gift him my books. He heads right to Amazon with each new release and purchases the book. Then proudly carries it with him to work (yes, at 80 he still works one day a week at the village grocery store) and flashes it about, quoting and crowing, like a proud rooster!


This quote he sent me was his way of letting me know that as long as I was trying, he was proud.  This means the world to me and as such, I wanted to offer the same support to each of you!

Much love and many blessings!  Annette Rochelle




17 responses to “Writers Quote Wednesday

  1. A wonderful quote! Your dad sounds awesome! 😊

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  2. Great quote, and a beautiful story. How lovely ❤

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  3. Absolutely lovely. 🙂

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  4. Silver Threading

    Annette! I am so glad to have you here! Welcome and thanks for sharing such an awesome quote. I love the special relationship you have with your Dad. That is so special. Heck! We are proud of you too! ❤

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  6. Great quote and lovely story about why it means so much to you.

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  7. The description of your dad is adorable. I could just imagine him quoting and crowing like a proud rooster. Ha, ha! The quote is great.

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