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you glow


Learning can be fun

Once you see you’re getting it

That lightbulb goes on

Might not be easy

Sometimes you’ll want to give up

But don’t! You’re worth it

You’ll learn something new

You will have knowledge you earned

And you’ll feel so good!

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

Pirasaurs! Is Now Available for Pre-Order

Yo, Ho, Ho and an opportunity to pre-order a book with one of the cutest titles I have ever seen…  That’s right, pre-orders for Pirasaurs are being accepted.  Arrrgh mateys!

They’re pirates. They’re dinosaurs? They’re Pirasaurs! RAWRGH! And now you can pre-order from your book store of choice!

Source: Pirasaurs! Is Now Available for Pre-Order

#Books are Portals to Power…

For anyone who reads… for all those who write… the words and the images herein, are perfect to convert those who do none of the aforementioned.  Thank you, Chris Graham!


Books can take us to lands, real and imaginary. Books can educate or entertain us. Books can give us knowledge. Knowledge is Power. OPEN THEM STEP INSIDE SEE WITH YOUR IMAGINATION SET YOUR IMAGINAT…

Source: #Books are Portals to Power…

Manganese and Beans -12,000 years of history and preparing them to avoid the wind factor.

Beans!  Beans!  A healthy way to get through your day. And, as it appears here, there are many a reason other than the taste, to add them to your diet!  Thank you, Sally Cronin, for all you to to help us have a healthier life.

This week the focus has been on Manganese a macro mineral that is rather overlooked as part of the chorus of nutrients that we need to be healthy. The stars that usually appear in nutritional infor…

Source: Manganese and Beans -12,000 years of history and preparing them to avoid the wind factor.

A Curated List of Creative Writing Competitions in 2016…

A terrific list of exciting opportunities.  Happy Writing!!


Opportunities for experienced and aspiring writers to get published. To see the list, click on the link or logo below: writing-competitions-2016/

Source: A Curated List of Creative Writing Competitions in 2016…