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mistaken idenity



Used to describe women’s worth

Behavior judgement

Yet there’s so much more

When defining a woman

Look deep inside her

Listen to her soul

Encourage her hopes and dreams

Step back, give her space

Offer your support

Allow her to make mistakes

Applaud her efforts

Ask her for advice

Guide with your advice when asked

She’ll make up her mind

Women are people

People are more than their looks

Much more than we see

So please dig deeper

Discover real women

Then please, redefine

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge Week 16 Behind


Last September I attended a Native American Heritage Day festival being held in a large park near my home. There was food, demonstrations, music and of course, the amazing colorful costumes. This is part of the opening ceremonies, where they invited the “audience” to line up behind the dancers and join them in a parade around the arena. It was pretty cool, especially since one of the tribes being represented, was that of my father’s family, the Ottawa Indians, from Quebec, Canada.  While this was an attractive offer, it all happened so fast that the majority of us were content to remain behind the ropes and watch the dance.

Native American Heritge Days 3


#Authors – More 3D Book Promo Configurations Added…

He’s just going APE! (and that’s a good thing). Click through to the original post and view the wonderful, new options authors have for 3D book cover promotion from Chris Graham (our favorite artistically inclined primate) Those coffee cups are pretty snappy (spoiler alert). Affordable, adorable, awesome! 

Here are some more US $5.00 options I’ve added to my 3D Books Page (just click on the images to enlarge)  OPTION 010  OPTION 011  OPTION 012  OPTION 013  OPTION 014  OPTION 015  OPTION 016  O…

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Mineral of the week – Potassium – Blood Pressure, Bone, Heart and Kidney health

Click on through to this post by Sally Cronin.  Learn some easy ways to incorporate this Mineral of the Week into your body!

Potassium (K) is the most essential cation (positively charged electrolyte.) It reacts with sodium and chloride to maintain a perfect working environment in and around each cell. It is necessary fo…

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Meet Sally Cronin

Well, well, well, what you don’t know about one of the most interesting ladies around. Enjoy this interview with the talented Sally Cronin. (bring chocolate) Click through to the original post, then proceed to Sally’s blog and FOLLOW her! 

Please welcome Sally Cronin, author of a short stories, a copious and impressive blog, novels, and a number of books on health, wellness, weight loss, and media training. Her most recent book is ca…

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