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You create those rhymes

Sharing the world that you see

Or the world you feel

Explain what you think

Using the alphabet well

Is the poet’s joy!

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

And now, the end is near…

My buddy, Al the Author (he does like to use that fancy name Alistair Lane) is moving..  CLICK on THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK and learn how you can FOLLOW him.  Some may call it stalking, I see it as merely hitching my gum to his shoe!  

Not one, but two, big reveals today… The first is the theme reveal for the forthcoming A-to-Z Challenge, where I will be blogging throughout April on the subject of… How to survive a zo…

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World Poetry Day 2016


Today, March 21, 2016, is World Poetry Day. In 1999, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) created this day to “recognize the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.”    There is some documentation showing this day, dating as far back as 1950 and in some places around the world, the celebration continues through October.

We have this beautiful statement from the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, on the importance of World Poetry Day.

“By paying tribute to the men and women whose only instrument is free speech, who imagine and act. UNESCO recognizes in poetry its value as a symbol of the human spirit’s creativity. By giving form and words that which has none – such as the unfathomable beauty that surrounds us, the immense suffering and misery of the world – poetry contributes to the expression of our common humanity, helping to increase its strength, solidarity and self-awareness.”

To and for all the poets in the world.  To and for all those who appreciate poetry in its various and remarkable forms. To and for all who have gone before us, stand with us and have yet to make their presence known, I am honored to say, I, too, am a poet and this is my day!

Annette Rochelle Aben



Mindful Monday Healthy Living – “Your Well-Being Matters,” by Erika Kind

Colleen Chesebro welcomes us to this Mindful Monday!  CLICK on THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK and join the party!

Welcome to Mindful Monday – Healthy Living! Each week I try to examine new or sometimes old things about myself on my journey to becoming healthier. I have found that being mindful encompasses the …

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Mineral of the Week – Phosphorus – Strong bones but risk of Kidney disease

Sally Cronin provides such wonderful information!  CLICK on THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK to read the entire post.

This week I am showcasing Phosphorus. It is a mineral that you will not find in your multi-vitamin and mineral supplement because it is considered that we obtain sufficient through our diet. Howeve…

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