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bounty full


The dishes are clean

Floor is swept and towels hung

Cup of tea sounds good

It’s been a great day

We’ve all had plenty to eat

Left overs for lunch

We give thanks each day

We know our family is blessed

Our lives filled with love

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge Week 18 Sweet


Wow, I was thinking along the lines of candy, ice cream, etc. after all, we are preparing for the arrival of the big old bunny with his baskets of yummies here too.  However, I decided to share a photo that reminds me of the sweetness of life, every time I look at it.  Here is a darling little girl who was watching her own mother hold a little fella in her arms (someone else’s baby).  At first, the little girl was curious, then she was miffed and then, out of nowhere, she leaned over and started (as she put it) loving on the baby!  Sweet to me!!


Thanks Hugh, for the opportunity to share this photo and to participate in your challenge.  Hoppy Easter to you all!


Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Magic

Writer’s Quote Wednesday


 Magic!  Ah…  This is a theme that plays into my wheelhouse in many ways. First, I was married to an amateur magician.  That’s right, and after 9 years of marriage, he made me disappear. True, that’s when we were divorced but I made a bad play on a groaner of an old joke.

Next, did you know there is a magic museum right here in my beautiful state of Michigan?  Yes, indeed, in the city of Marshall, Michigan, you will find The American Museum of Magic, est. in 1978. Actually, I did not know this until I moved there to take a job as a radio disc jockey back in 1985 and my husband told me that a friend of ours (who was also a magician) had a display there. The museum itself was founded by a Detroit-area writer/editor, Robert Lund.  http://www.americanmuseumofmagic.org

And finally, we have a most remarkable restored theatre in Redford, Michigan that is called, of all things, The Redford Theatre, est. 1928. They have a stage where you can perform as well as a screen to show movies with the full accompaniment of a theatre pipe organ! http://www.redfordtheatre.com

Okay, my husband and I attended a performance one afternoon, where they had 15 different magicians who did the exact same trick, one right after another. It was quite amazing because they all pulled it off (don’t ask me, I do not recall what the trick was). However, the ONLY person in the audience who was as spell-bound with each and every performer, was ME!  It was worse than having a talking friend during a movie as I reacted to each and every moment as though I had never seen the trick before.

So there you have it, my connection to the theme of magic…

When it comes to writing, I believe there is magic in the ability to take ink, make marks on paper and we call it words.  Then we can take those words and arrange them in various orders and we have poetry &  prose and from those we create books. Being someone who would rather watch a magic show than be the magician, I find the creating of magic using words, my way of attempting to fill that role of spell binder.

No matter what you do with your pen and ink, when you consider they are your scarves and wand, YOU can and will create MAGIC!

Word magician I beg of thee

Show me what I cannot see

Take me to those foreign places

Craft for me, poems and prayers and graces

Translate the emotions of Mother Moon’s faces

Make believable what might never be

Open my heart and set it free

Put me through my creative paces

Until your world, my mind embraces

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben




Angel Messages March 23, 2016


AMNew02Your DAILY MESSAGE from the Angels…


We love you…

Thank you Angels, for sharing your messages with us!