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in the glow


You’ve beauty so true

Helping the stars learn to shine

Was part of the deal

So when you were born

An agreement was honored

By your namesake star

Whose light grows stronger

As you accept your beauty

To be your birthright

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

As if..?

Reblogged from Daily Echo, this brilliant post from Sue Vincent is something everyone should read. CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK!

“You should write about it,” said my son. “It would make a good subject for a blog post.” He was right, but it wouldn’t make for a  comfortable one. We had been discus…

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Smorgasbord Health – The Skin – Eczema – A Genetic link to the past or modern lifestyle!

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I  posted a general guide to skin care in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to expand on that with a couple of specific posts from 2014 on eczema and other common skin conditions. Taking care o…

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Meet Poet Al Lane on Tell Me a Story


Friday, April 15th 1:30-2pm EDT ~ He may be a mild-mannered husband and father to the outside world but to the blogging community, Nottingham, England native, Al Lane is a fearless poet. He takes on the challenges that strike fear into the hearts of others and makes Zombies regret their fiendish plot to take over the world through his use of the martial art of Haiku! Tune into Tell Me a Story today to Meet Poet Al Lane as we continue celebrating National Poetry Month. Find Al’s blog home here: http://www.alistairlanewrites.com and be sure to FOLLOW and share it with your friends. Find us here http://www.themagichappens.com where we welcome readers as well as writers to our monthly digital magazine!


Cover Reveal for BURIED LIES

Reblogged from Brittney Sahin!  COVER REVEAL!!  CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK and enjoy.

The third book in the HIDDEN TRUTHS series is scheduled to be released JUNE 13th! I am very excited to share this novel with you all. It is different from the first two novels in the series, as it …

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