She Wrote a Book

Author and book coach, Lena Anani hosts a podcast titled: She Wrote a Book. As the title suggests, this is an interview opportunity for women to promote a book they have written.  Although the actual conversation takes less than 12-13 minutes, Miss. Anani helps the interviewee make the most of the experience.  Through her blog, You Tube channel, as well as numerous social media outlets, the interview is promoted.  What a fabulous way to reach an audience you may not otherwise have access to as well as to obtain content for your own site.  Why am I telling you this?  Because I have, here, the interview Lena did with me a couple weeks ago.  She sent me the email today, letting me know it was LIVE and encouraged me to share.


Here is the link to the podcast and I hope you will contact her today to schedule your interview.  Thank you for enjoying mine!  Of course, you are welcome to share, that’s what life’s all about!

8 responses to “She Wrote a Book

  1. I loved my experience with Lena. It is on the front page of my blog. She makes the whole expereince easy and relaxed. I would highly recommend contacting Lena.

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  2. Wonderful interview, Annette. I love how you talk about angels and what inspired you to write the book. I agree that angels are about love, rather than religion, and i was fascinated by your stories of your encounters with them. 🙂

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    • Annette Rochelle Aben

      Thank you, Judy. Angels are amazing and I have to say that there are probably people out there who HAVE had experiences with Angels but don’t want to talk about them because they are afraid people may think they are batty. This is another reason why I feel Angels are so happy the book is out there now! ❤

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