Reblogged from Tofino Photography…  CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK and appreciate how much these bears trust him (I just love bears)

Visit the post for more.


2 responses to “THE “EYES” HAVE IT!

  1. I am so blessed to have such an amazing and talented boyfriend, these bears, and his eagles, really do trust him. Wayne has an eye for gloriously beautiful backgrounds, the perfect light, and a sheer genius in his relationships with these creatures! They trust him like no one else and are absolutely delighted to share their natural behaviors and habitat with him. It never fails to bring me joy as I watch these minions of the earth all but outright pose for him. No one else can capture his furry and feathered companions quite like Wayne does. I always think I must be the luckiest woman on earth. I get to see these shots before they even post 😃

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    • How wonderful! I am always excited to see the bear photos, especially. They seem to be trying to communicate to the camera that they are really gentle creatures with a sense of humor and capable of great love. I respect and appreciate Wayne’s talent immensely. I am so grateful that he posts the pictures so we can all enjoy them. Does he have a book of his photos? Thanks for connecting, may this be the best day of your life thus far!! 🙂


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