Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #93 sun & moon


The moon, the mirror

For the glory of sun’s light

Never really rests

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

21 responses to “Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #93 sun & moon

  1. This is lovely, Annette 🙂

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  2. I absolutely love this, Annette!! Cher xo

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  3. That’s lovely ❤

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  4. Nice haiku.. 🙂 A very nice correlation!

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  5. Very clever haiku. Well done. 😀

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  6. Very cleverly woven. Thank you for an excellent haiku

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  7. You got me thinking that the moon works 24/7, please confirm. Then I remember hearing someone say that its the same but becomes the other by night or day. I’m lost.

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    • Both the sun and the moon do. work 24/7. The moon has no light of its own, it reflects the light of the sun. The sun and the moon are always visible in one hemisphere or another. So, during the day, when the sun is in the sky in my hemisphere, the moon is in the sky on the other side of the international date line. Then as we greet the moon, the sun is rising on the other side of the world. Hence, neither stops working. 🙂

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    • And, sometimes they are in the same hemisphere – thus we see the moon by day as well, in the same sky. The lunar eclipses are caused when the earth gets between the moon and the sun and cuts off its reflected light.

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  8. There is a real Japanese twist to your imagery Annette, great haiku

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