Get Caught Reading with Don Massenzio


Friday, May 6th, 1;30-2pm EDT ~  The first author to Get Caught Reading, here on Tell Me a Story this month, is Don Massenzio. This busy man has several books available for your enjoyment including the ever expanding Frank Rozzani, detective series. There is a great deal of information on Don’s blog, where he does a great job promoting, educating and entertaining  his fellow authors. Who does Don get caught reading for his own pleasure? Stephen King, Jonathan Kellerman, Harlan Coben, David Morrell, John Grisham, and Hugh Howey. Does he have a favorite book of all time? We’ll ask him during the program today, LIVE here on Tell Me a Story, a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network.

6 responses to “Get Caught Reading with Don Massenzio

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    Look for me on this live interview on Friday. Special thanks to Annette Rochelle Aben for this opportunity.


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    Don Massenzio was interviewed yesterday on The Magic Happens radio station by Annette Rochelle Aben.. you can listen via the link to these two talented writers talking about Get Caught Reading month..

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