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it’s a parent


We began as babes

But children we shall remain

In a mother’s heart

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben


The Dirty Dozen… with Denis Young!

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Welcome to another edition of The Dirty Dozen! This week, I’m delighted to be hosting Denis Young in the Dirty Dozen “hotseat”. Denis is a fellow haiku-obsessive from Melbourne, Australia, who is p…

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Following my reblog of an article yesterday (7th May) by Author Allison Maruska, ‘How To Create An Eye-Catching Promotional Graphic’, Author Joelle LeGendre asked if I did book promo ba…


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Happy Mother’s Day

 Here, in the United States, we are celebrating Mother’s Day today.  For many moms, this means, breakfast in bed, brunch, flowers, hand-made cards and of course lots of LOVE!

 In our house we actually celebrate the memories of Mother’s Days gone by, as our mother passed in 2009. Although it may seem odd, we actually chose Mother’s Day weekend of 2010 to lay her ashes to rest in the plot next to her mother. It was as though we were celebrating her life, and the love she gave us as our mother for our last Mother’s Day together.


 This poem, was one I wrote for her exactly 22 years ago today. I read it to her during our church service that morning, where I was the one delivering the sermon that morning. She came to honor me as the speaker and had no idea what I was going to say.

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of the world, from a child of one of the best moms in the world!  Love you, Mom!!

Lo, it has taken many years

To learn just what is meant

By as the tree itself has grown

So shall the twig be bent

For loving care and kindness given

In so many generous ways

Shadows now are memories

The past, no longer haze

Yearly celebrations in full fanfare

Tailored for each child

Clothing fashioned on a home machine

Babies and dolls to dress in style

Hands working with artist’s knowing

Shaped clay for the science fair

Held also scissors, glue and lace

Creating valentines to share

And yet these are but random samples

Memories of a childhood gone by

And what we’ve learned from these examples

So you need not wonder why

For when someone say that your children

As nice as they can be

Ponder not the observation

Apples fall not far from the tree

(c) Annette Rochelle Aben May 8, 1994