Get Caught Reading with Sally Cronin


Friday, May 13th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ This week, Sally Cronin is the author we Get Caught Reading on Tell Me a Story!ย  You may know her as Sally Georgina Cronin who has penned and published 9 book titles on a wide range of topics from health to fiction and short stories. Of course, you may also be a loyal follower of her remarkable blog Sally takes great delight in promoting authors and other creatives in all her social media outlets, so it is our equal delight to give Sally Georgina Cronin the spotlight today. Thank you for tuning into Tell Me a Story today, here on The Magic Happens Radio Network You can find out more about the Get Caught Reading initiative at

12 responses to “Get Caught Reading with Sally Cronin

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    Check out this upcoming interview on Tell Me a Story with Sally Cronin. I had the pleasure of being interviewed last week. It’s a fun way to learn more about authors and their inspiration.

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  3. On my calendar and shared with FB and G+.

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  4. Annette, glad Sally will be in the spotlight on Friday. ๐Ÿ‘

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  5. Will there be milk and cookies too, Annette? Grin.

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