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son of a storm


Rain, perhaps a storm

They told us to expect it

Which was it to be

The sky told no tales

Kept itself behind the clouds

No spoiler alerts

The day went on quiet

The evening rolled in darker

When we weren’t looking

Water tagged along

loudly high-fiving the ground

it made a big splash

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

National Limerick Day is Here!

It’s been fun reading all the great limericks everyone’s been posting in celebration of National Limerick Day 2016.  You are all so talented.

I thought I had best be presenting one myself, after all, I’ve been egging everyone else along.


Free for the Next Five Days

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Five Days Only Starting today, May 11th, I am giving away eBook copies of my short story collection, Random Tales, on Amazon for the next five days. You can pick up a copy by clicking HERE. Crazy y…

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The R’s of Life – Chapter One – Rollercoaster of Life

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Welcome to my new book that I will be writing via my blog for the next few months.  I thought that I might enlist those of you who drop by, to act as beta readers and it also gives me an opportunit…

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National Limerick Day:The Old Dog From Loch Ness

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Today is National Limerick Day, and Annette has encouraged us (she does this so well!) to write a Limerick: Annette Rochelle Aben’s Blog Now I’m a bit of a novice at Limericks but I have writ…

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