National Tell a Joke Day

Have you heard the one about…  Of course you have and TODAY is THE day to let it fly! That’s right, it’s National Tell a Joke Day!!

Roll up your sleeves and give it to us, LOUD and CLEAR!  I’d say keep it clean but hey, I don’t want to stifle creativity.  As for me and my blog? We’ll be pretty much “family friendly”

Here’s to the ha-ha’s the ROTFLMBO moments and of course the ubiquitous rolling of the eyes..

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, let the laughter ensue! 


What do you call a lazy kangaroo?  A pouch potato!

How does Moses make beer?  Hebrews it!  

How do you hire a Teddy Bear?  put him on stilts…  

and my all time favorite!!!

What did zero, say to 8?   NICE BELT!  


6 responses to “National Tell a Joke Day

  1. Someone should write blog on jokes too! Good one 👍

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  2. Coming up to bedtime for me Annette, but here are some jokes from my friend Choppy for you:

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