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Hey kids!

I just love whining and crabbing… well not so much. However, as I have noticed this is effecting many of my favorite blogs and bloggers, I decided to come to YOU and alert you to a most curious happenstance.

Making my rounds today, I have been scattering comments and compliments as is my want. The issue here is that my comments are NOT showing up. I emailed a chosen few and asked if they are in fact, seeing my comments. The response has been a resounding NO.

Is this happening to anyone else here in Word Press Land?  Is anyone else noticing that their comments are not appearing on someone else’s blogs?

Might anyone have some words of wisdom for me? Guidance and directions?  Simply leave your comments below

xoxo – Annette Rochelle

33 responses to “Leave Your Comments Below…

  1. Leave a comment HERE! (testing testing 1 -2 3

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  2. I haven’t been on WP much to test this elsewhere… Seems to work here for me though 🙂

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  3. My blog is “Two on a Rant.” I’m supposed to whine and crab. 🙂

    I received a cheery comment from you yesterday, if that helps. I use the pull-down that can be accessed from the box at the upper right hand corner (orange when there’s a message and gray when there’s not) instead of commenting on the page.

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  4. I honestly haven’t had this problem. Sorry not to be of more help. The only snag I sometimes hit is when a comment someone makes on my blog accidentally lands in my spam folder. So I check it, just to be sure.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I can see them here on my blog and I can see my responses… however when I am commenting on someone else’s blog, it’s not showing up in the line-up. Crazy stuff, eh? And it’s only been since this morning. Oh well, perhaps WP is in menopause. I’ve been there, it’s no fun.

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  5. I dont have that problem but i am finding when i go to view new followers the screen tells me that the blog does not exist ! It makes it difficult to Say thank you ……..hope it all resolves have a good weekend


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  6. I haven’t had any issues seeing my comments appear on other blogs Annette – and I think I’ve seen and responded to all yours today. 😘

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  7. I’ve noticed a couple of bloggy friend’s comments showing up in my spam folder which I’ve had to manually correct, but I haven’t noticed my comments not appearing. I hope you get whatever it is worked out.

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  8. If you see this I’m okay, and if you can’t I’m not. 😳

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    • Right! You are showing up on MY blog… I haven’t been showing up on other blogs… You know, how when you post a comment and the little box says, POSTING COMMENT, then it shows your comment? Well, mine were not showing up. I thought it was odd on the first blog I commented on, then I began to notice that it was happening on every blog on which I was commenting today… Thank YOU for the response here. I appreciate you, Richard. ❤

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  9. Oh…I don’t know what to suggest Annette. This happened to me and I was in spam a lot… then I contacted Akismet and things got sorted!

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  10. Michael from The Poetry Channel said that sometimes it happens to people if they make a lot of comments back to others. Sometimes the algorithm thank you might be a spammer.

    You might email him to see what the solution is. Good luck with your problem.

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  11. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about this problem, Annette. Your comments could be ending up in the spam folder. I’ve written in posts, many times, that bloggers should check their spam folder at least once a day, as many genuine comments can end up in there. Another blog I follow has also had the same problem and here is what she had to say about it.

    “By the way update on the Comment Spam situation . . I’ve been chatting to the Happiness Engineers again as had more problems today and they have advised that the person whose comment it is needs to report it to Akismet as there seems to be a problem for some commentators. Nothing to do with the blogs apparently. To report it as and when it occurs you can contact Akismet via: https://akismet.com/contact I’ll now be telling anyone I ‘unspam’ to do this.”

    I hope the above helps.

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  12. I had this problem few days ago. Where I gave both likes and comments, as I could see, but next day, everything were away again. Very annoying.

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  13. Weirdpress is at it again it seems Annette. Last week I found after writing and posting some comments on blogs, after I hit post comment, it disappeared and didn’t show up. When I took the time to rewrite and post again, a pop up told me I’d already commented. Very strange, sorry I’m no help, it’s the Wizard of Weirdpress at it again. 🙂

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