Spam, it is a prison or a prisoner’s meal

Greetings Fellow Bloggers,

I have Askimet working on the issue that began yesterday, the fact that my COMMENTS were not posting on other people’s blogs. (they show up just fine on my own)

In the meantime, what has worked for a couple people, is that they went to their SPAM QUEUE and UN-SPAMMED ME!  So, Ritu and Chris (TSRA) if this is not now you did it, please correct me. As a result of their actions, my comments are visible on their blogs once again.

So, if you wouldn’t mind checking YOUR SPAM QUEUE, and if you find me there, please set me free!

Sorry for all the trouble.  Looking forward to this being a thing of the past.


Annette Rochelle

13 responses to “Spam, it is a prison or a prisoner’s meal

  1. It wasn’t just you – naughty WP… Hope it’s sorted now x

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  2. There is a lot of it happening lately, Annette… I keep rescuing friends from Askimet!

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  3. Don’t forget to check that WordPress spam folder daily, Annette (and everyone else). It’s one of the first things I do every morning when I turn on the computer and open WordPress. It’s always good to tell people if their comments end up in there although, sometimes, it seems to only be a one off thing.

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  4. This plague seems to bite everyone at some point!

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  5. You don’t seem to be in my spam queue. 😀

    When it happens to me, either the website has a very low tolerance to hyperlinks in comments, or it’s objected to something weird like me being signed on to WordPress in the internet universe with a different WP sign-in than I’m using to comment on their page. But none of these things are consistent. Go figure!


    • I know, right… After working with all my amazing blogger friends here, who know so much more than I do, I was lead and guided to the proper channels, who have appeared to settle this matter! Thank you, dear lady, for your words of wisdom. I am learning more each day. ❤


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