Angel Messages September 8 2016


Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

You rock, Angels!  Thank you!!

2 responses to “Angel Messages September 8 2016

  1. Being of an old(er) generation..ahem! I didn’t fully understand this, but loved what it did to me when I saw the wing and a prayer angel message. I’ve had the experience of getting by on a wing and a prayer more than once. I call it a “Whew! blessing.” Ha Ha. I loved the meme/graphic whatever you young people call it–it moved and touched me and there are many ways to interpret it , so it should appeal to many people. TY for sharing.

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  2. Awesome! Angels are here to touch our hearts and what an honor that you shared how this happened to you. The meme or picture is actually the cover of one the books I wrote: Angel Messages A Wing and A Prayer.. It was not my first choice for the cover, however the Angels brought this image to me in a dream. It was actually a photograph I took for the of the book. So I changed the cover and here it is! ❤


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