Michigan My Michigan

For those of you who have ever wondered why someone would want to live in a state shaped like a mitten… Well, there may be some of you who DO wonder. Wonder no longer, because one of the BIGGEST REASONS is the AUTUMN SEASON.  It brings such a smile to my face to observe the warm color spectrum appear, as if by magic, nearly everywhere you look. Green is keen but shades of red and gold make the scene!

trees 423

So as I am hopping around today, I came across some nifty stuff I wanted to share with those around the world.  The Tunnel of Trees is up near to where my folks live (closer to the top of the little finger side of the mitten, I am more toward the wrist, center, closer to the thumb side) Should you be seeking to plan a vacation get-away, consider being here in Michigan during the color change. Be prepared to smile, a lot!  Enjoy…

There is an actual video of The Tunnel of Trees in the second link. I have added an actual commercial from our Board of Tourism, all about Pure Michigan. If you think you may recognize the voice, it could be that you are a fan of actor/comic, Tim Allen (a proud Michigander) because he voices most of the Pure Michigan commercials.

Poured some hot coffee

Stepped out into a rainbow

Crunched as I walked on

Gave silent thanks for the sight

Mother Nature accepted

(c) Annette Rochelle Aben 2016



28 responses to “Michigan My Michigan

  1. Love mi! South haven ! Saugatuck ! How can one not love MI !

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  2. Just as beautiful as New England!

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  3. This is a beautiful video. I enjoyed watching it.

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  4. I absolutely love Fall. The leaves are only starting to change color here, but when they do it is amazing.

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  5. Beautiful transition, Annette!

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  6. Great poem and image Annette, Michigan can’t be the bad with Autumn foliage like that, Winter may be another issue?

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  7. I loved live Annette. The photo and the video is beautiful. I love autumn. ❤

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  8. It is the spring and autumn that are the best part of the state of Michigan. During the summer people act like our skin is going to melt. If you could be so kind as to read my blog and respond that would be much appreciated.

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    • Greetings Pat! Just checked out and followed your blog. I celebrate your every success. The one suggestion I would make would have to do with the color of your font, it was a big difficult to read. If there is a way to make it darker, I think your messages would be easier to read. Love to hear about good things happening in Detroit! ❤


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