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My Interview on Butterflies of Wisdom

This week, I was honored to be the guest of author, Win Kelly Charles on her podcast, Butterflies of Wisdom. I have known Win for quite some time now. We first met because we were members of an artist’s group whose works were included in the gift bags for celebrity events such as The Sundance Film Festival, The Country Music Awards in Canada and The Academy Awards.  It was all quite exciting!

If you would like to know more about Win, I suggest catching up with her on Facebook or Amazon, where her books are available.


Author Jo Robinson on Tell Me a Story


Monday, October 10th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Jo Robinson joins Tell Me a Story today, from her home in South Africa. A multi-talented author, Jo also offers a wide range of Indie Author Support Services, including, editing and book cover design. FOLLOW her on blog where there are links to keep up with her http://www.africolonialstories.wordpress.com  Be sure to click on each of her book covers, to take you to where you can purchase them.  They include: The Absolute Indie, Beginners Guide to Publishing on Amazon, Echoes of Narcissus in the Garden of Delight, African Me and Satellite TV and Sands of Time. Tune into The Magic Happens Radio Network today and catch up with author, Jo Robinson.



Angel Messages October 7 2016


Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Sounds GREAT, Angels!  Thanks!!