Author Lucinda E Clarke on Tell Me a Story


Friday, October 14th 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Join us as we travel to Spain to meet author, Lucinda E. Clarke who is our guest today on Tell Me a Story. Lucinda has led a remarkably interesting life filled with many diverse adventures which have included everything from raising children to having a highly successful career in media as well as growing up with a mother who had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Having something to write about is one thing, but Lucinda has won the awards to prove she has the gift of being able to write with superb creativity and style. Visit her website to discover her highly successful books: Walking Over Eggshells, Truth, Lies and Propaganda, More Truth, Lies and Propaganda, Unhappily Ever After, Amie, An African Adventure and Amie and the Child of Africa. In fact, she has a new book coming out soon, so be sure to FOLLOW her site to stay updated. We welcome author, Lucinda E. Clarke to The Magic Happens Radio Network!

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