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fall raw


Cold, the autumn rain

Mixing with leaves, blown about

Colors lost in grey

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

BooKu Thanks YOU

3D BooKu Front & Back Wow!  I  am so excited to announce that many people purchased the .99 eBook version of BooKu, halloween haiku this past week and as such, it is now #66 in Kindle Store eBook, Literature & Fiction > Poetry > Japanese & Haiku

Thank  you so much!!  Also, there is a five star review there.

Even though it’s back to the regular price of $2.99, be sure to check it out, as it is available in Kindle format as well as paperback. Follow this link to my Author Central Page.


Gosh, I just love you boos and ghouls to death…

The Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Lavender – An all rounder

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I doubt that there are many of you reading this post who have not come across Lavender in your lifetime. It is a beautiful plant in the garden and its perfume has been used for centuries as part of…

Source: The Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Lavender – An all rounder

Angel Messages October 27 2016


Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Can do, Angels!  Can do!!