beam dreams


Watching the rain fall

From a perch near the window

The cat hopes for sun

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben


10 responses to “beam dreams

  1. We are all kittens at the windowsill tonight.

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  2. I can see him…and after a few cloudy days (which not only affect my arthritis but my disposition, I yearn for the sun as well.

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  3. We are down to one, our last, Little Lanky Lena Lou, a petite, tortoise shell marked female who talks constantly. We were discussing the election results very early this am and she wanted to get in her two cents worth. What yowling and interrupting and carrying on!

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  4. p.s. Lena is fifteen.

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  5. And a big “Rightbackatcha” from the diva, herself.

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