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The R’s of Life – Chapter Twelve – Rejection – A Fact of Life.

Sally Cronin’s new book will become a handbook for all…

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The R’s of Life – Chapter Twelve – Rejection – A Fact of Life One of life’s certainties is that at some point you are going to be rejected personally or professionally…

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wintry mix


It’s the best day for

Hot cocoa fresh baked cookies

Enjoy with jammies

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Guest author: Andrew Joyce – Life Giver

Andrew Joyce recants a fabulous experience that everyone would do good to have.  How blessed are we that he has shared. 

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Life Giver Once upon a time, I spoke with God. It was a short conversation and He did most of the talking. I swear this is all true. Here is an abbreviated version of that event. The year was 1968.…

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#RRBC Holiday Train “Book Trailer” Block Party!

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It’s a PARTY and you’re invited!! Hi, and WELCOME to the Rave Reviews Book Club Holiday Train “Book Trailer” Block Party at Writing and Music located in McKinney, Texas. What I’m giving away: 1 set…

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Attitude of Gratitude


Thank you for your attitude of gratitude! Every person who has every stopped to appreciate a flower growing along the side of the road, anyone who has smiled at another for a simple kindness offered, know that your gratitude has been felt all around the world. Whenever you have felt the need to and then have followed through with saying thank you, you have created a chain reaction whose vibration continuously circulates.

 Affirmation: I am creating and living within the loop of continuously circulating gratitude

I appreciate you. Love, Annette Rochelle