Proof Ordered for a New Book Release AND Cover Reveal

I did it!  Ordered that proof, like a boss!! Why?  Because I have a new book about to be made available and I want to be certain that it is just right for YOU, the book reading public. Yeah, that’s just the way I roll.

So, what is this book, you say? It’s all about encouragement. Giving people a little something when they need it the most. In fact, it is based on and inspired by my daily Facebook posts that end in GO YOU!  So, as we are always told to begin with the end in mind, I titled it GO YOU –  some encouragement when you need it!  (see what I did there?)



Of course, you’ll want to fold this in half (go you, I can see you trying to make your screen bend).

Naturally, I appreciate all those who respond to the GO YOU messages on the Facebook page. It is your encouragement that makes me realize this book needs to happen.

I also appreciate the encouragement and support of YOU, the blogging community. You always remind  me of the power of using words to spread light and love!

Yes, I will surely let you know when it is available AND naturally I encourage you to get more than one copy. Why? Because we ALL know someone who could use a little encouragement!


Annette Rochelle

52 responses to “Proof Ordered for a New Book Release AND Cover Reveal

  1. Congratulations Annette. Looks great 🙂

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  2. Exciting News for Annette Rochelle Aben Fans 😀

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  3. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Exciting News for Annette Rochelle Aben Fans 😀

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  4. Forgot to press the darn Reblog Button first LOL

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  5. Woohoo! Love the cover!!!!

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  7. Congratulations, Annette! Love the cover and the message! Go You! 🙂

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  8. Congratulations, Annette. looks terrific.

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  9. Encouragement is a priceless commodity ~ and you wield it with such abandon, Annette. You go girl! 🙂 💖

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  10. Wonderful, Annette. The cover is so cute! Love it.

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  11. Inspirational as ever, Annette! ❤

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  12. I think at one time or another we all need encouragement. Writing is a lonely
    process. I think I know what book to keep near my desk when I’m working! Congratulations.

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  13. Awesome Annette! I love the cover! Go YOU! 🙂 🙂 ❤

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  14. Congratulations, Annette! Super awesome! 🙂

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  15. Wonderful. Will be watching, and Iwill review!

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  16. Many congratulations, Annette. Love the rainbow colours. An amazing cover that is going to make everyone smile. 😀

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  17. That’s wonderful, Annette! Congrats! @v@ ❤

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  18. Good luck! With my first proof, I found a mistake on the back cover already, so remember that one if you have any issues. 😉

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  19. Good for you! Thanks for the Like on my Blog. Read that proof carefully. It’s hard to withdraw something that is already out there in print unless they let you download an update. All the best!


  20. This is fab! I do like the idea of having something to hand with encouragement for when you need a pick-me-up 🙂

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