3DAHaikuPerspective 2016

Hark, a barking dog

Speaking in a language strange

To your untrained ear

It is describing

A unique experience

Canine perspective

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben


15 responses to “curmunication

  1. I like dogs. Better than humans mostly.

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  2. Of course. Jip the dog certainly does that, and very well indeed. John Dolittle completely understands.

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  3. I love this poem Annette, I could translate in dog if you like they would love it too.

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  4. This is splendid, Annette.

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  5. Who says dogs can’t communicate with us? I’m not at all sure about the ‘untrained ear’ I think most dog lovers can fathom out what they are trying to tell us. I loved this poem Annette. Norma

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  6. Please translate: “Arf! Ruff Ruff! Bow Wow Wow!” Although I am fluent in Cat, I do not speak Dog.

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