bag it

Oh, that cup of tea

Time to linger over thoughts

Getting lost in now

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

9 responses to “bag it

  1. Tea is so relaxing!

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  2. It does have that effect, doesn’t it? Nothing like a cup of tea in all the world.

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  3. Can’t do the day without several cups of tea. I drink almost any kind and other than the two cups of coffee to jump start me mornings, water is my drink of choice throughout the day. I am now brewing tea (rose tea, orange cinnamon tea, etc) and chilling it in water bottles to carry in the car or to school for sipping purposes; at the mid-80 degree mark, chilled tea is my drink of choice over hot. And, yes, I often meditate over things while sipping.

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  4. I like peppermint hot for Christmas and cold on summer days. I haven’t tried turmeric tea but have read of its many benefits. TY for the tip.

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