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A Bouncing, Baby Book has Arrived

In recognition of National Poetry Month, I am releasing my book, titled: A Haiku Perspective 2017. I am so happy to present this collection of haiku that I wrote in 2016.  Some of the works may be familiar to you and some not. A couple of the pieces were published in places other than my blog such as in the newspaper and in a chapbook. Several will be seen for the first time.


When I think of the opportunities we have, every day, to express ourselves, share our thoughts and leave a bit of ourselves behind, I find that poetry is the vehicle that suits me best. To use the format of haiku, requires that I condense my thoughts in a most succinct manner.

As April is National Poetry Month, I trust many of you will be writing a lot of poetry. Some will follow the haiku format and so much more will reflect everyone’s favorite styles. I look forward to reading and sharing as much poetry as possible this month. To that end, I will be offering special pricing on several of my published poetry books throughout April, so be sure to check back for details.

Find out what else is happening in the world of poetry, in the month of April. By visiting The Academy of American Poets. They are eager to share their resources, events and learn how to support you in your love of poetry.


If I could wish for you one thing, it would be that you fall in love with the alphabet.  Allow the letters to entice you to arrange, rearrange and then rearrange again until you feel they represent that which you wish to express. To be creative with such a simple tool can make you recognize your innate genius. If not, keep at it until it is revealed!   Love, Annette Rochelle Aben 


Angel Messages March 31 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

You are welcome, Angels!!!