Poem in Your Pocket Day

Walk around with a poem in your pocket, do ya?  Well, there is a day celebrated throughout the United States and Canada just made for folks such as yourself…

That’s right, April 27th is THAT DAY!  The American Academy of Poets continues to enjoy National Poetry Month (April) by inviting you to join them, by sharing your poetry, or your favorite poetry all day!  Visit http://www.poets.org for suggestions as well as to find out what others are doing in your area!

 The beautiful thing about sharing poetry is that sharing poetry is a beautiful thing! 

 YES! I am sharing a poem with you, here… This is one I wrote for one of the Ministers in my church in honor of his 50th birthday… As this was written back in the 1990’s he has since forgiven me…

Oh, How Nifty to be Fifty

To have the freedom to say exactly what you mean

And the right to be loud, and cause public scenes

And the fashion sense to wear colors that don’t quite go together

And the forgetfulness to dress inappropriately for all types of weather

And to understand they put rails in showers

And to enjoy doing absolutely nothing for hours and hours

And to appreciate creamed spinach and toast with chipped beef

And to be able to ride the bus without having to give up your seat

And to plan vacations for warmer climate states

And to be the reason most drivers tailgate

And to be truly rewarded for your half century

With major discounts through AARP

And while you’re younger than your children and older than your folks

You’re at the right age for public ridicule and to be the butt of cruel jokes

And yet you may be thinking of all the paybacks you could send

Remember, living well is truly the best revenge!

(c) Annette Rochelle Aben 2017

Okay, I showed you mine, now show me yours! 

18 responses to “Poem in Your Pocket Day

  1. Your poem made me smile, Annette.
    Thank you for the invitation to share a poem. Here is my poem entitled “Kipling May Regret”. Best wishes, Kevin

    “In the restaurant its just the waiter and I,
    While outside the window Vehicles speed by.
    “There are a lot of beautiful women outside today”,
    He remarks by way
    Of conversation.
    I drink
    My wine and think
    About this nation
    On who’s empire the sun would never set.

    Kipling may regret,
    The sun continues to shine
    And there is curry and wine,
    While in the street
    Multiracial feet
    Beating out a more or less harmonious song”.

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  2. Brilliant poem Annette, love it! Especially as I have also reached that milestone!

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  3. Modern poet, my most-recent.


  4. This is wonderful, I write poetry at sophiapoetryandetceterar.wordpress.com


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