Give the Gift of Protecting Yourself

As we all know, our blogs, emails, and other internet sites are protected by things such as user names and passwords. In order for me to allow my computer to use for the day, I have to provide a password. Having passwords is necessary, to be sure, however keeping your password a secret might not be the best thing.

Recently, the blogging community has been abuzz with the information that one of our own is experiencing a downturn in her health. Her daughter has reached out to inform everyone of her mother’s condition. In her frustration, she has stated that because she doesn’t have her mother’s passwords, she cannot manage her mother’s affairs.

Addressing this topic, I took it upon myself to provide a trusted friend with ALL the information she might need to manage my accounts, should I not be able to function in that capacity. This includes information for my email accounts, social media sites and sites where I have items I create and are for sale, such as Zazzle, Amazon and Etsy.

This can come in handy to update people about your status. Helping others close your sites, if need be and make sure that if you have monies owed you or products out there, your inventories can be managed. Gee, so much to consider.

You may be thinking that there is a lot of work involved and yes, it can be. However, I was gifted the idea of taking a phone book and alphabetically listing all my information. Genius!  I got myself a book and a mechanical pencil and took that idea to heart. This made creating the document so easy, because all I had to do was lift the information and type it into my word processing program. Because I saved it, I can update it as required.

Consider this, please. Helping others help you handle your business, when you are unable is a gift you have the capacity to give!


12 responses to “Give the Gift of Protecting Yourself

  1. That’s only as good as the amount of time it takes for the website to do a mandatory password change. 🙂

    There are several people I’d trust with the information, but what if something happens to them and the con artist in the family is the one who happens upon your information?

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  2. A very good idea, Annette. I have a good memory (currently) so I remember my passwords but that won’t be much good if I were ill. I take your point and will look to fix this.

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  3. You make such a good point here Annette. 🙂

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  4. You’re so right. Thanks for this great share!☺

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  5. A good point and one I have already addressed with ( my son) and also with strict instructions as to who can finish any unfinished work..He probably wishes he had never volunteered…lol

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