Tell Me a Story Eloise DeSousa

What can reading books teach us, at any age?  Pull up the podcast of Eloise DeSousa today on Tell Me a Story and find out.

Eloise DeSousa blogs, raises 4 children, is a wife and holds down a full time job. So, when would she ever find time to write and publish books….   AND she manages to blend things like life lessons, romance and horror into neat, tidy packages.  Yeah, you’ll want to check this out!

Be sure to FOLLOW her on her Author Central Page and how kind, that you would leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads once you have gotten her books.

* all podcasts are posted in alphabetical order 

18 responses to “Tell Me a Story Eloise DeSousa

  1. Four children and a full time job is a great achievement, Annette. I have 50% of that amount of children and I nearly go crazy.

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  2. Writings By Payal Tyagi

    Amazing multitasking woman. Hey Annette how are you doing?? It’s been long since we talked

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  3. Reblogged this on Thoughts by Mello-Elo and commented:
    A huge thank you to Annette for taking the time to interview me. What a fantastic opportunity to catch up with her about life, love and the power of books.

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  4. I was a beta reader for The Iron Pendledum and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The Pink Mask sounds as if it’s going to be just as good. I also enjoyed the extracts of Cecil The Bully, which Eloise posted on her blog. I finally got to meet Eloise at The Bloggers Bash and it was a real pleasure finally meeting her.
    Great interview, ladies.

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