Tell Me a Story Chuck Jackson


Tune into the  Tell Me a Story podcast and meet author, blogger, Vietnam Veteran, and cancer survivor, Chuck Jackson.  Yes, this man has been through so much and his story can inspire each of us to see the gift in anything.

Chuck’s book One Month, 20 Days and a Wake Up is a fictionalized account of his time in Vietnam as a member of The United Stated Air Force and it’s (as the subtitle of the book states) one man’s story of what it meant to be a PJ.

Want to know what a PJ is? Listen to the show

Thank you for enjoying this podcast and saluting my guest, Chuck Jackson!  Thank you for FOLLOWING him on his blog, his Amazon Author Page and for leaving Chuck a kind review after you buy his book.

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10 responses to “Tell Me a Story Chuck Jackson

  1. Reblogged this on Getting to Know Chuck Jackson and commented:
    Thank you Annette for your support.

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  2. Lovely to meet Chuck, Annette.

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  3. Taken me a while, but just managed to catch up on this podcast. Thanks for sharing your story, Chuck. Vietnam must have been hell. I salute you for writing a book where you are digging up bad memories. Good luck with your writing and maybe, as Annette said, a children’s book?
    Thanks for asking the questions, Annette.

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