Tj’s Household Haiku Garden & One

Plant lovely flowers

Critter ties on the feed bag

Deer two, garden one

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

12 responses to “Tj’s Household Haiku Garden & One

  1. This is classic, Annette. I read it three times, just to feel the effect again and again and again 🙂 💜

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  2. I can see this happening in my imagination, beautifully told Annette.

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  3. Ah. Just lovely

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  5. I laugh at reading deer repellant, i.e. I don’t need but memory to see ths 😉 but it says it’s…. effectively a whole lot of? putrified eggs…. work with me on farting the thesaurus here…rotten / putrified are sorta synonyms or something like that. now toss out enough eggs and you get scavengers of a far different sort.. you get a nasal line BEACON of the blank unleased dogs to the scene. while i admit heartily i should not send detructo-thought-rays- at the pretty plans in some foul snip=snails-and-puppy-dog=tails fashion….if i want sugar-and-spice-and everything-that’s-nice…butI’ve had FAR more disorder courtesy nature with the blank unleashed dogs causing spooky night shadows and mayhem than mayhem? oh mayhem? yap yap yapyapaypaypayap oh it must be a dear….ooops 😀 deer 😀 ….this is after seeing the angst one must face when the blank deer are chalking it up and sugar liked the everything now ruined but once was nice. but seriously, many deer repellants are but? rotten eggs. skip a step just clean out some bachelor grouch’s fridge- he could enjoy the pretty company and the blank deer well bahahahaha alruistic my eye gal? well she’s packin ammo.

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