Twitter Mystery Solved

For several days, now, I have noticed the absence of emails notifying me that someone had tweeted a post, responded to a tweet I created, etc. Naturally, I imagined that they may have been sent to my SPAM folder of my Yahoo account, this was not the case.  So, I figured I would look into it today, when I had more time.

Guess what? When I checked my email today, I found something I guess I had actually received before, but ignored because I didn’t know what it was.. the email from Twitter telling me I was now receiving a condensed version of all the action on my twitter account. This way I could check everything out from this central location without the inbox clutter.

Not sure how I feel about this. It was easier and more response efficient for me to take these one at a time. Still, this could be the start of more fun than I ever possibly imagined. Yeah, that’s how I’ll take this.

Now that this has been figured out, I shall try my best to see what the bottom of an empty coffee cup looks like…



20 responses to “Twitter Mystery Solved

  1. I too have an issue as it seems more people notify me of retweet’s and follows but my follower numbers seem to stick just below 2000 and retweet’s are not being counted. It isn’t that i am stats led but where are leavers going and they must as 40 followers joined last week… *sigh* a mystery to most but confusing to someone still learning.

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    • This is such an educational experience for me as well. It appears we are all learning together, there is a comfort in that. That being said, there are those out there who seem to have more understanding of Twitter, so I watch for posts to help me.


      • Me too, but i have just joined flip board and instagram, on advice of a networking Guru Susie Speaks her posts are amazing well worth the follow. But maybe I bit off a bit much all at once… *sighs* it is just the way I am. X

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  2. I hate Twitter, Annette, and always have. I cut off the Twitter email notices two years ago because the deluge into my Inbox had me totally unnerved. So I wasn’t aware they had changed tactics. Ignorance is truly bliss!

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  3. Haha, I love how you take this and I think similar about such changes. Who knows what it has in store which we don’t even know yet… fingers crossed, lol!! Getting a coffee now… thanks for the reminder 😁

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  4. Now that’s interesting. I noticed this morning that twitter notifications are way down and didn’t know why. And I’ve been ignoring those new messages too. I guess I should open the next one. Thanks for the tip!!!!!

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  5. Hi Annette,
    I feel so ignorant using Twitter. I guess I better buy the book “Twitter for Dummies”. Is there a real advantage to using Twitter other than to plug a new post? I use WordPress program to keep up with the new blogs that I follow. When I go to Twitter, it seems like a duplication. I still post on twitter and I spend some time liking people’s post. Most of the time I have already done that on their page. What am I missing?

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    • For some, it is one of the only ways they communicate. It’s immediate and requires the user to be concise, as it only allows 140 characters (which include punctuation and spaces). It isn’t for everyone, so if you aren’t enthralled with the idea, then that works for you. I believe that unless someone is committed to taking full advantage of any social media platform, they should step aside. So, perhaps you aren’t really missing anything! 🙂

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  6. That’s the spirit, girlfriend! I don’t get emails from any of my accounts. I check notifications on the page itself. That has made my life soooo much easier 🙂 ♥

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  7. I’m a huge fan of Twitter, Annette. I get a lot of traffic to my blog from it and it has also helped me sell lots of books. I wouldn’t be without it, especially given that some of the retweets I get are being sent to 100,000+ people. However, you have to give Twitter time to make it work for you, and it can be very rewarding when we do that.
    Like blogging, there are those who will unfollow you as soon as you follow them back, but I’ve found a great site that tells you who all your un-followers are, so you can unfollow them back. This can sometimes be great fun, especially when some follow you again, only to unfollow you again. I call it Twitter Tag. 😀
    Like Twitter, WordPress is also now condensing what you see on the WP reader list. I don’t think it will be long before others follow suit.

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    • I love Twitter, as well. What bums me out is the condensation of the notifications. This is going to take me a minute to adjust. I truly prefer the immediate notifications from Twitter and the choices of immediate, daily or weekly on Word Press.

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  8. I don’t get enough time as I’d like on Twitter to really use it to my advantage, but I must try! I can’t say I have noticed this new notification email!

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