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laser dream

Oh, to see the light

When genius blossoms as thought

Nothing else exists

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

Book Lover’s Tag (for lovers of reading)

Ah, thank you, Sally Cronin for inviting me to participate in this page turning discussion!  Yes, I do enjoy reading.  It was the very thing that kept me company while I grew up and friends were busy off doing other things. Wait, perhaps it was me who was off doing other things.. such as reading.  Regardless, here are the Questions and my Answers!

Do you have a specific place for writing? – Yes, I have a section  of my sitting room, all carved out with desk, computer, dictionaries and b-o-o-k-s!

Bookmark or random pieces of paper?  Trick question, eh..  Random pieces of paper ARE bookmarks!  (silly people)

Can you stop anywhere or must it be at the end of a chapter?  Depending on what is distracting me, it can be in mid-word…

Do you eat or drink while reading? Maybe the better question for me, would be… do you read while eating or drinking???  yes

Music or TV while reading? Don’t own a television, however, I have a music source in every room and they are on if I am awake!  Once in a while I DO manage to turn off the tunes and become engrossed in what I am reading.

One book at a time or several? Depends.  There are times I have to read several at the same time, if I am interviewing several people in a specific time frame. Generally though, I enjoy reading many different books at the same time.

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere? At home. If I am somewhere else, I like to be there, in that moment.

Read out loud or silently?  Why, what have you heard?

Do you read ahead or skip pages? Sometimes, I  jump to the end of the story FIRST, then go back and start the read. Hey, don’t judge!  You wouldn’t buy the cake mix if you didn’t see the finished product on the package, right?

Break the spine or keep new? I haven’t intentionally broken a book spine. Oh wait, I was hell on my schoolbooks… does that count?

Do you write in your book? I have worn out highlighters if I need to remember something for a review or interview. Generally, I use sticky notes or a mechanical pencil that I can erase.

What books have you read recently? Gosh…  Books from folks I have interviewed for my radio program. which include, Design by Anthony Marchese Ph. D.  and Love is the Power by Robert O. Williams .  At the moment, I am gaga over a new cookbook Signs & Seasons by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber and Chef John Okas. This is an  Astrology Cookbook.  Pretty cool. If you’ve ever wondered what to feed someone of a particular astrology sign, this book clears up any confusion. All that aside, the recipes are drool worthy and the photos are edible.

All time favorite book? The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Thanks, Sally Cronin for this opportunity to play along. I know we are supposed to tag others… however I would like to leave this open ended. If you are reading this, consider yourself TAGGED!

So, make sure you visit Smorgasbord Invitation and see what Sally’s answers are… Then, jump in with both feet!!

AND for those who would LOVE to find MY BOOKS!  My Author Central Page

Angel Messages September 10 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Can do, Angels!!!