Birthday Wishes

As most of you don’t know (and why would you????) My birthday is exactly one month from today!  #GoMe

Year after year, people ask me, what it is that I would like for my birthday?  Of course I know they are referring to a gift of some sort and that is so sweet of them to want to do something nice for me to commemorate the occasion. So, this year, I have decided to take to guess work out of it by simply making my wishes known here and now…


That’s right.  You can rest assured, I will be delighted, they will surely be the right size AND I will not be exchanging them for something in the kitchen ware department.

For those who already have one (or more) of my books, this is an easy enough gift to provide.  Simply visit  My Author Central Page

where you can click on the book icon and leave the cheery, enthusiastic, and encouraging review!

 For those who have yet to avail themselves of my expansive selection of books (insert visual here)

That same link will allow you to purchase said book (s) and then you can return to leave a REVIEW!  (see what I did there)

Of course, I am going to be making things a bit easier for everyone to enjoy this process as much as I will enjoy seeing the reviews growing. Every Wednesday, beginning September 27th and with the final book deal appearing ON MY BIRTHDAY, October 25th, I shall be offering a Kindle Countdown Deal on a different book. Each book will be available for one full week, at .99.

Be sure to check back here, every Wednesday for the special that week AND then scoot over to Amazon to fill your cart!  Of course you are welcome to purchase the paperback or Kindle versions of any and all of my 9 books, I’d be crushing hard on your forever, for that…  And naturally, a REVIEW would be the sprinkle on the cake of my celebration!

My Author Central Page

Oh, and for YOU who are cheeky enough to inquire as to “how old are you?”  You can buy and review two different books, thank you very much! 

 Thank you, in advance, for helping me celebrate. It’s always nice to remind my folks that all their hard work was not in vain.


33 responses to “Birthday Wishes

  1. Happy Birthday!

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  3. A lovely idea, Annette. I will definitely participate and get a book each week.

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Mark your calendars and reduce your costs for FOUR WEEKS of Annette’s books at Budget Prices – Oh and don’t forget to leave your reviews as a Thank You and give her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎁🎉

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  5. What a great idea and generous offer, Annette! I will definitely be visiting on Wednesday! Have a great countdown!

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  6. I hope you have a great day on your birthday with lots of your favorite gifts.

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  7. You’re gifting us! Counting my virtual pennies now! 😀

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  10. Hope you will get all and more!

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  12. Woo-hoo! Celebrating with you, girlfriend. Congrats on the new book. Just downloaded it 🙂 💜

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