some yum

Did you lick beaters

When your mother made icing

For a birthday cake

Did you make shortbread

Baked with cinnamon sugar

Leftover pie dough

Put on an apron

Take a whiff of yesterday

Taste bud time machine

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

19 responses to “some yum

  1. Love it, Annette! 🙂 xo

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  2. Our memories are true time machines and we can activate them so easily!!

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  3. This post puts me in the holiday spirit!

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  5. Oh yes indeed. Those are fun, wonderful memories not just with my mother but also my mother’s mother. Oh how they both could cook/bake. Licking the bowl/spatula/beaters were delicious!

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  6. I enjoyed licking those beaters, looked forward to that as much as the cake!

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