Angel Messages September 30 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

Absolutely, Angels!!!

9 responses to “Angel Messages September 30 2017

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  2. Today, I’m going to seize the time, the hours in this day, and selfishly use them for myself and myself only. I plan to go outside before eight o’clock, work in my amaryllis beds, dividing bulbs, planting, and mulching beds. (With the promised help of My Better Half, of course.)
    Then we’re going to the next small town to have lunch at a salad bar restaurant that has just opened (I am sure we’ll have an appetite.) and spend the rest of the day reading and visiting on the phone–no schoolwork, no “have tos, Just things I want to do all day. So your advice hits me at just the perfect time (as it so often does!).

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  3. You know what, about doing it today and I love it!! Thank you for the confirmation, AaA 💖

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