Thank you, Frank

Woo hoo!  A couple days ago, I posted,  Birthday Wishes  which was all about what I wanted for my birthday.  What did I ask for? Well, you could just click on the link and find out, but, basically, I asked for REVIEWS for the books I have written and published.

Then, I created another post, Let’s Get This Party Started offering an eBook version of the first book I ever self-published, at a Kindle Countdown price of .99.

Here is the book, and here is the 5 STAR REVIEW posted on Amazon, by Frank Hubeny

 A Blessing from the Heart – September 28, 2017

 “This is a book of inspirational poems, prayers or blessings. They have a nice sound and they often contain rhyme. Some are acronyms where the first letter of the words spells out the message underlying the other words. The blessings are all positive as good blessings should be.

 The author has other books, maintains a blog and writes at the online The Magic Happens Magazine. So there are other opportunities to read more of her writing

 The ebook is laid out in an interesting way. Unlike a poetry book, which is what I thought this was initially. Each poem is not on it’s own page nor are there titles for the poems individuating them. If they were laid out in that manner, the book would have perhaps three times as many pages in it. These writings are more fluid than isolated poems which makes me think they are not really poems although one might be able to pick them apart like that. So I changed my perspective and experienced them as prayers or meditations that interweave and become one blessing inviting the reader to make even more changes in perspective.”

Thank you, Frank, for your purchase and this lovely review  I am touched that you found a special way to connect with the book AND that you enjoyed enough to share with others via your review.  MOST appreciated.

For those who have yet to experience Perspective it’s all about replacing one thought with another, it will be .99 until Oct 4th. And here is the Direct Link  to get YOURS and where you can go to leave a REVIEW once you have the opportunity!

19 responses to “Thank you, Frank

  1. Congrats, awesome review!

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  2. Congratulations, Annette, on this lovely review. Frank is a great poet himself.

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  3. Annette, I don’t know if it is because I am coming in from Europe but I cannot see any special offer on the link to that book which you offer for .99 until Oct. 4th. Also, I told to go over the .de page which also doesn’t show an offer. I am a bit confused! I wanted to buy every book you present during your birthday month!

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    • Right.. I just tried the Direct Link in the post above and it took me right to the Kindle version of the book, where it can be bought for.99. So, perhaps, go to Amazon, and type in Annette Rochelle Aben. Hit search. Then you should be taken to my Author Central Page and when you scroll through the books, click on the Kindle version of Perspective and you should be able to get it. Sorry for the hassle.

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      • No problem! Thank you very much for the hint. I will try that right away and let you know if it worked!


      • Just tried it out. Like with the direct link nothing happens when I click or double click on the Kindle version. That’s weird! I am so sorry about that. I will check out your other offers in the coming week and for sure will buy one or two anyway 😉


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  5. You are welcome, Annette! I see your book as a blessing to others.

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  6. Congratulations on that review, Annette and the inspiration you are spreading!


  7. Happy belated birthday🥂💐

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  8. It is available in kindle for .99 as if today. Can’t wait to start!🥂

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