Attitude of Gratitude

Thank you for your attitude of gratitude!

We are all on the go, go, go, most of the time. So, when those times occur that we are told, by our bodies, to slow down, we can be confused. It’s a good thing to go with the flow.  We can always pick up and go, go, go again, but for now, it’s time to slow down.

Affirmation:  I appreciate the slow down time.

I appreciate you. Love, Annette Rochelle

11 responses to “Attitude of Gratitude

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  3. We definitely need to listen to our bodies in those moments!

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  4. When we don’t care our body makes us care!

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  5. This is so opportune, Annette. Having been away for 7 weeks, I’m so backlogged and feeling the need to catch up; but my body is forcing me to make a slow re-entry. Thanks so much for the reminder ~ and permission! 💜

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