Offer Valid in the United States only

 Well, heck fire… I did not know this.

When I began posting the .99 eBook specials, every Wednesday, in honor of my birthday request for REVIEWS for my books, I had no idea that people outside of the U. S. could NOT see the lower price when they went to the link I provided. Thanks to Chris Graham, who sent me an email, I realized there was an issue. He explained that when he clicked on the link, it showed a price other than the .99 I posted.


After sending and receiving several inquiring emails, I was contacted by Kindle Direct Publishing (yes, they actually called ME) and informed that, yes, people clicking onto my link, from anywhere other than the United States, would not be able to buy my book at the .99 price. I guess I can choose to make the lower price valid in only market at a time. So, if I choose to make this price available in the U.S.,  then I have to run the offer again making it valid in another market. However, Kindle Countdown Deals (for the same book) have to be run months apart.

I am so sorry, I did not know this before I began this campaign, which I have scheduled to run for 5 consecutive Wednesdays…. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all those who have been kind enough to purchase my books during this promotion, regardless of where they live. I did not know, you weren’t getting the deal and you could have blown this off.  Thank you, also for the kind reviews that have been being left, you are helping to make my birthday wish come true.

I am still looking into this, because, as Chris pointed out, there are other authors out there who appear to be able to promote their reduced price books in several markets at the same time. Until I get this sorted out, I will put the disclaimer: Offer Valid in the United States Only and apologize, in advance, for any grief this causes anyone.


Annette Rochelle Aben

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23 responses to “Offer Valid in the United States only

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  2. This is interesting, Annette. I can never get the special price but I thought that was because I live in South Africa. I am glad I now know that it also applies in other jurisdictions. Doesn’t stop me buying your books though. Hugs.

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  3. Trust KDP to leave things clear as mud.

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    • When they called me, they said that they could tell I required an actual conversation to sort things out. I appreciated that because the lady was correct. They were very nice about everything and I was able to ask several other questions while I had her on the phone. All in all, I am a much better customer for their help. Still, I am not enthralled with this pricing thing. (deep sigh) One step at a time

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      • Yes, they’re customer service team is exceptional. I just wish they laid out their directions more clearly. I did a countdown deal a few months ago and lined up a series of promotions to go with those dates, then found out later I hadn’t checked the time zones properly. My first day promos were a bust.
        My fault? Yes, but if they clarified the steps we need to take as they do for the publishing process it would be an enormous help!

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  4. I didn’t either and Chris and Hugh both told me. We will know next time.

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  5. I looked into a sales event too and noticed that I cannot do a worldwide campaign at once. That’s why I guessed the reason for me not being able to get on the .99 offer! But I don’t care I am so looking forward to receiving the paperback of the Angel Messages!!

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    • Aw, I believe a book in the hand is more exciting, personally. However, I was really hoping to be able to offer this to and for those who cannot either afford the paperback or prefer the e version… I am thrilled to know you will soon have the book, thank you so much. ❤

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      • Totally! I have no Kindle device yet. Still prefer the physical books over everything. Also such a book is meant to browse through over and over again or pick something randomly! I am really excited 💖

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  6. All the promotional stuff we put so much thought, effort, and heart into… It’s all so stinkin’ complicated isn’t it? Wishing your week is better from here out. Hugs.

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    • Well, I felt bad about misleading people, albeit, unwittingly. Once I knew there was an issue, I began to look into what it was that I didn’t know. So, I felt there might be some value in sharing this, as well as being able to apologize. And yes, I agree, we all try to do the right thing, publish, promote etc. but if not for the new things we learn, we’d become complacent. ❤

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  7. Colleen Chesebro

    I had no idea. So, if we put our book on sale in the U. S. it is not on sale in the U.K.? Or, is it these countdown deals?

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  8. I didn’t know this either. Amazon has a lot of things to sort out, including not sharing reviews across markets. They seem to be stuck in ‘too big to fail.’ We’ve got to send tons of positive thoughts their way 💜

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  9. I had no idea about this Annette. When I reduced the price of my book in the UK to £0.99, the price on Amazon.Com also came down to reflect it. However, it seems to get adjusted as currency rates fluctuate. It’s currently $1.31 on, but tomorrow could be $1.35 or even $1.25. Seems I’m in the hands of the currency gods.

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