It’s when that cold rain

Bounces off trees everywhere

Makes sidewalks shiver

Glad you live indoors

Watching from behind the glass

Happy it’s not snow

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

15 responses to “brrr

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  2. Cold and damp here, no snow. Yay!!

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  3. I has been pouring with rain here too, Annette. I am so grateful; there is nothing worse than drought.

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  4. We haven’t felt the cold here yet, but it is coming. Thank God for a roof over my head. My heart breaks for the homeless.

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  5. OMG, yes!!! Thank God, no snow 😄

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  6. It’s in the muggy high eighties on the Texas Gulf Coast!

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  7. Brings back recent wintery memories but the sun is with us now.

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