Angel Messages October 20 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels…


We love you

What fun!  Yes, Angels!!!

9 responses to “Angel Messages October 20 2017

  1. Oh, yes! Let’s enjoy all the good things our brothers and sisters made happen. Thank you, AaA💖

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  3. I also delight (rejoice) when I see someone evolve and take a step toward the ONENESS. Let me give you an example (even though you did not ask for one).
    Take Glenn Beck (please! … just kidding). So here’s a guy that seemingly has no love in his heart for anyone except maybe his family. He’s on TV everyday extolling hate. He was too crazy for Fox Friggin’ News!” They fired him.
    Then he takes that one step towards ONENESS. He goes against everything his ilk believes and says Black Lives Matter has a point … and HE gets it. Wow! That blew my mind.
    That is something to rejoice about.
    He is where I used to be, so I can’t judge him … or anyone else. And I have long road to go myself, and many lives to live before I get to where Buddha, Lao Tzu, or Jesus were. They showed me the way … and I stumble on that path everyday. When I get tired and sit down by the wayside to rest and I look back to see Glenn Beck catching up, it brings a smile to my soul.
    One day, Glenn, you, and I will all be ONE and we’ll have a good laugh comparing notes about our separate journeys.

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  4. Definitely, rejoice for others!

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